Day Care

Day Care

Dog Day Care for Chapel Hill, Graham & Mebane, NC

Day care is a great option for those who work long hours and want their dog to have the option of being outdoors with other dogs during the day. It also is a good way to socialize your dog so that he or she is comfortable being with other people and dogs. Over time, we have customers tell us how much easier it is to walk their dog around the neighborhood!

We have contract and non-contract pricing. If you know you’ll need our services on a regular basis, save money with us by entering into a contract. If you have any questions about our policies or pricing, please feel free to contact us.

Pricing (as of 2/11/15)

  • Non-contract rate is $25 per day. This must be prepaid and days must be chosen on the first day of day care.

  • Contract Rate is $22 per day (2-day minimum per calendar week). Contract day care is paid on the first of each month, and the days are chosen in advance. As with child day care, there are no reimbursements for days not used.
  • Please note, holiday rates may be slightly higher.
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