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About Doggie Spa & Day Care

When you go on vacation, shouldn't your dog have a vacation too?
At Doggie Spa, your dog will finally have a safe, happy place to play while you and your family are away! Our supervised playgroups and secure, private, climate controlled rooms provide the perfect balance for the comfort and happiness and security of your dog.
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We have playgroups going on throughout the day, so we only allow prescheduled tours. This is for your safety, and for the safety of our guests. We do not do tours at the time of check-in for this same reason. Besides, wouldn't you feel better about leaving your dog with us if you had toured the facility prior to dropping him off? Please do so prior to making your first reservation.
We do not allow dogs on the tour. You are welcome to bring your dog to meet us, be we cannot allow dogs into the yards for the tour. Again, this is for the safety of our guests.

Policies and Fees

• Deposits: Deposits may be required. All deposits are non-refundable. No changes or cancellations to deposited reservations without forfeiture of deposit.

• Appointment fees will be charged for late arrival. We can not be held responsible for customers missing scheduled appointment times.

• A $60 no show fee will be charged if you do not arrive when expected without notifying our staff.

• Late Cancel Fee $35
For off-season, non-deposited reservations, you must cancel by no later than 7:00AM the day prior to your scheduled check-in. You may leave us a message on our voicemail, as it does have a timestamp on each message. All deposited or peak time reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

• The customer is responsible for payment for all time booked for each dog booked by said customer.

• We are unable to give tours at the time of check-in or check-out, or on a walk-in basis, due to our playgroups. Call 919.932.4738 to schedule your tour!

• Minimum stays are required certain times. Weekends are 2 day minimum charge. You may also pay for the minimum, but pick your dog up sooner. Other holidays and summer have minimum stays. Please call if you have questions about certain holidays.

• Early check-in or late check-out $10

• 24/7 access $10 per use

• Administering pills -FREE!

• Special diets -FREE!

• Discount for 2nd dog in the same suite

• Intact dog fee $10 per day surcharge


Contact us! 919-932-4738
(Can be used to contact us or for vaccinations)

Doggie Spa & Day Care
1101 Dawson Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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2014 Best of the Triangle award.


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Phone 919-932-4738
Fax 919-932-4736 OR 1-888-241-7536
(No reservations by fax, please)

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Doggie Spa & Day Care

1101 Dawson Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(Can be used to contact us or for vaccinations)
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