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  • 29 Mar, 2016

Dogs Gone Wild!

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You have lots to do, and it seems even more so when trying to get out of town on vacation. Well call us to pick up your dog before you go, and it is one less thing for you to worry about!
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Does the constant door bell ringing, scary costumes, and bowls of candy keep your dog over stimulated on Halloween? Then this is for you. Bring your dog to board on Halloween, and pick up the next day and receive $5 off your boarding fees.

Call us today to reserve your space.  
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These doors are making the rooms and the entire building a lot brighter, and will also increase air flow due to designed gaps around the edges. The bright colors make everything look playful and cheery.
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When considering a boarding place, or boarding vs. home care, make sure you check what goes on when the roads are impassible.  We have onsite management, and 3/4 of our staff have AWD vehicles.  And we have complete generator back up for the entire facility. So care, feeding, and play go on as usual at Doggie Spa, located between Chapel Hill and Mebane.
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Some exciting additions for 2016
Over the last year, many customers have asked for more or extened play time, either because they ran a lot with their dog when home, or their dog was just really high energy.
So starting in the new year we will have our original boarding with social times ($35), and we will start to also offer boarding with day care option. This will be where your dog will be out most of our open office hours, with others to run and play. We don't suggest this for the older and geriatric dogs, but it will be an option we can offer, and it will be $50 per night. So it will give you choices. You are free to choose the social option that we have offered since day one, or the expanded day care with boarding option if that is right for your dog.

We will also be offereing, on a limited basis, one on one time with your dog, in 20 minute increments. We have found that some dogs don't eat unless a human is standing/sitting with them. Or some dogs need the 20 minutes of frisbee or ball play. You get to customize it to your needs, and it will be $10 per 20 min.

So if either of these are right for your dog, feel free to ask us for more information. And if you have an idea for a service that would be useful for you, please let us know that also! We want to meet your boarding needs and expectations here at Doggie Spa.

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