Dog Grooming for Chapel Hill & Pittsboro, NC

At Doggie Spa, we provide only the best shampoos for our guests. They are all-natural and coconut oil-based, and we have several specialty shampoos. Oatmeal and tea tree oil shampoos are especially good for skin and coat issues. Please ask us if you prefer we use one of these. There is no extra charge! 

Our baths include any of our natural shampoos, ear cleaning, external anal glands expression, and a nail trimming. We do our best with the nails, but if your dog is extremely sensitive or tries to bite, we will have to stop; we do not want to stress our guest!

Note: If you bring your own shampoo there is an extra charge, since many of these must sit for several minutes and/or be reapplied. Please ask us if you are not sure.
Dog Boarding Hillsborough, NC

Call for an Appointment

Whether you want your pup cleaned while he or she is with us or you just need an experienced dog bather, Doggie Spa & Day Care is here to help. Call us to make an appointment and to learn more about our pricing.
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